2017 | KTBL

Linked Open Data in Agriculture - Lectures

MACS-G20 Workshop in Berlin, September 27th and 28th, 2017

Key note
Paul Groth The roots – Linked Data and the foundations of successful agriculture data (PDF, 2051 kB)
Research data sharing
Birte Lindstädt Publishing of agricultural research data as kind of data sharing – the publication process at Life Sciences Repository of ZB MED (PDF, 1500 kB)
Antonio Sánchez-Padial REDIA – an approach to interoperability in a long tail of data scenario (PDF, 1300 kB)
Philipp Gärtner The Bonares Infrastructure for open soil and agricultural research data (PDF, 2600 kB
Lisette Mey Classifying content in the land sector – establishing a vocabulary in a highly political environment (PDF, 800 kB)
Visualisation, navigation and search
Jerzy Weres Programming technologies supporting management of linked open data in the domain of cereal grain drying and storage (PDF, 5600 kB)
John Fereira Visualization of Linked Open Data – eye candy for VIVO (PDF, 2300 kB)
Daniel Herzig-Sommer Searching Linked Data Graphs with GraphScope (PDF, 2400 kB)
Daniel Martini Linked Data architecture components at KTBL (PDF, 700 kB)
Availability and security
Michael Brobbey Data rights, privacy and security (PDF, 2230 kB)
Vik Vandecaveye Data ownership, legal issues, privacy and security (PDF, 760 kB)
Ansgar Bernardi Sustainability of Linked Open Data – a key challenge for agricultural applications (PDF, 1054 kB)
Ruthie Musker Available open datasets in agricultural technology and production (PDF, 840 kB)
Frank Termer Open Data – status quo, potential and challenges (PDF, 900 kB)
Vocabularies, classifications and thesauri
John Fereira Agrovoc – three ways (PDF, 1230 kB)
Valeria Pesce Semantic challenges in sharing dataset metadata and creating federated catalogs: the example of the CIARD RING (PDF, 963 kB)
Sangita Dubey Linking open statistical data - the role of statistical classifications (PDF, 3259 kB)
Johannes Keizer Agrisemantics, a vision for an infrastructure for semantic-based interoperability of agricultural data (PDF, 382 kB)
Data models
Hendrik van den Bosch Towards global soil data exchange (PDF, 2150 kB)
Daan Goense rmAgro, a reference model for data exchange in precision agriculture (PDF, 954 kB)
Richard Tiffin Agrimetrics’ Linked Data platform
Earth observation and remote sensing
Holger Lilienthal The Research Center for Agricultural Remote Sensing (FLF) – a data source for agricultural information based on Sentinel satellite data (PDF, 3354 kB)
Silke Migdall ESA’s Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform “Supporting sustainable food production from space” (PDF, 1635 kB)
Bernd Hoffmann Decision support for crop protection – Pest identification using UAV Technology (PDF, 3828 kB)
Uwe Voges Linking and finding earth observation data on the Web (PDF, 2120 kB)
Towards an Agricultural Technology Sharig platform
Nie Fengying, Jieying Bi Introduction of an Agricultural Technology Sharing (ATS) platform (PDF, 1154 kB)
Open geodata
Raul Palma de Leon Publication of Inspire-based agricultural Linked Data (PDF, 5600 kB)
Tomáš Řezník Integration of open land use, smart point of interest and open transport maps using RDF (PDF, 5030 kB)

Rob Knapen

Obstacles in standards and spatial thinking for Linked Data in agriculture (PDF, 866 kB)
Applications in livestock farming
Martin Wischenbart Data integration and analysis in precision dairy farming – a semantic data warehousing approach (PDF, 1177 kB)
Toby Mottram VirtualVet a business to map global animal disease (PDF, 2210 kB)
Paul Kasoma Making livestock farming smart and sustainable through accessing open information and using ICTs (PDF, 1102 kB)
Thomas Selhorst Social networks in the pig barn – implications for the infection dynamics of MRSA (PDF, 3579 kB)
Wang Zhong How many Information systems does a pig hoggery need – and how-to make them useful (PDF, 1468 kB)
Supply chain and traceability
Christopher Brewster Blockchains and Linked Data for agrifood value chains (PDF, 1398 kB)
Liisa Pesonen Employing the principles of My Data and blockchain to build trust in farm data sharing (PDF, 591 kB)

Dongpo Deng

Construction and reuse of linked traceable agricultural product records (PDF, 7723 kB)
Monitoring and documentation
Raed Fehri Implementing an open source database to monitor water related SGD (SGD-6) in Tunesia (PDF, 1920 kB)
Anto Raja Dominic The pesticide risk indicator model SYNOPS implemented in web-based applications to assess the risk to the environment and the impact of mitigation measures (PDF, 3971 kB)
Antonis Koukourikos VITIS – a Linked Data toolkit for a data-centric grape economy (PDF, 2995 kB)
Christopher Baker Decision support for agricultural consultants with semantic data federation and Linked Data (PDF, 3145 kB)